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Full text of "Byzantine Churches In Constantinople"

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160                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                   CHAP, vn
OIKWQV 4$ a<f>QapTOV avros 7rao"rdSay
fla Tr)pu>v rfyv (ropov TOV Xeiifsdvov,
V\6y o~vvTpi/3r] rots correct?. 15 irp(i)TO<rTpdrop KOL TOLVTO, CTTJV STJTTQV \dpiv irpiv,   d\Xa vuv JAdpBa
The whole nature of existing things which thou hast made
Cannot contain Thee3 the primordial nature,
For Thou filiest it, and yet remainest more than it ;
O Logos of Godj living and holding all in the hollow of Thy hand,
Although as true flesh Thou art circumscribed^
And dweliest, mystically, in faithful souls,
Establishing for Thyself an immortal habitation,
Yet accept the house which I have built for Thee,
Which shows clearly the disposition of my soul.
My husband who, alas ! has died to me
And gone forth from his house of clay,
Do Thou Thyself settle in an incorruptible mansion,
Guarding also here the shrine of his remains,
Lest any injury should befall his bones.
O protostrator, these things, too, for thy sake I trow,
Writes she who erewhile was thy wife, but now is Martha.1
1 In these translations I have been assisted chiefly by Sir W. M. Ramsay, Professor Bury, and Mr. E. M. Antoniadi.